Rising Tide Estates

Rising Tides Estates

providing buoyancy for the soul in spiritually heavy times

A site specific, immersive satire set in the street exploring issues of climate change, affordable housing and community dissolution.

Project Description

We aim to reach a wide and diverse audience from passing onlookers to seasoned festival goers by introducing striking installations into the urban landscape which act as both standalone sculptures and immersive theatrical venues. Several inhabited boats appear on the streets around the festival.

Exploiting the local bylaw stating that you don't need planning permission to build or live on a boat, and taking into account forecasts that in under 30 years much of Britain and the rest of the world will be under water, Rising Tides Estate Agents are offering tours of their show boats. Jump aboard and meet their happy owners, hear their stories and sign up to Britain’s most affordable and sustainable housing solution...to buy or rent your own arc.

This satirical piece is a series of intimate, theatrical cameos dealing with climate change, community dissolution and gentrification.

Artistic Team and Collaborators

Barnaby Gibbons has been working in public realm theatre for 26 years. He moved back to the UK 3 years ago where he founded The Miraculous Theatre Company whose work includes The Brooklyn Healer and Romantic Botanic, a series of bespoke tours exploring the secret love-life of plants. Previously he spent 18 years with Le Phun Theatre (France) where he worked as actor, set builder and more recently as project manager and technical director on world touring shows Les Cents Desous, Les Gumes et Les Vengeances des Semis.


Our performers are all seasoned in working within the public realm enabling easy access and cross over from the impersonal street to the intimate immersive theatrical experience.

Accessibility for audiences of all social and cultural backgrounds is a central aim in our work. We aim to create immersive performance that is accessible for wheelchair users, deaf and blind people to fully participate.