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"I've met a lot of real clowns dressed as healers, but you're a real healer dressed as a clown"

Maori Healer, attending 'The Brooklyn Healer' in New Plymouth, NZ - 2017

Miraculous Theatre Company specialise in devising immersive outdoor theatre engagements as well as producing high quality theatre for the public realm. We mix stories, poetry and philosophy, and deliver them through intimate, small-scale productions to create experiences that are both entertaining and thought provoking.

Our work focuses on enabling people to connect imaginatively with each other, with their communities and with their public spaces. We believe that the direct and informal nature of outdoor performance can make a difference to people’s lives, bringing people together for unusual shared experiences and help people to develop their own communication skills.

Alongside productions, the company is developing outreach educational packages, as we believe that outdoor performance skills are powerful tools for enabling people to play and connect with each other.

With over 25 years of street theatrical experience and an extensive resource of top class outdoor theatre practitioners our aim is to widen the audience experience by offering new areas of theatrical engagement. We celebrate the extraordinary and champion the absurd.

We are a bilingual company and all our shows can be performed in either English or French.

We love making theatre and we love sharing that theatre with our audiences. To get a flavour of the shows we devise, click here.