the company

Barnaby Gibbons

Barnaby started his performing career in 1991 as an off-the-wall clown in the workingman's clubs of the North-east of England before moving to France to study acrobatics and clowning at Le Lido circus school in Toulouse. Conquering his fear of heights, he worked for a high-wire circus, Les Funambules, in south west France. He then joined a Spanish circus and went on to create the ground-breaking comic duo Mr Green and Mr Orange, taking European street-clowning to new heights of ridicule.

In 1998 he started his 14 year relationship with Toulouse based theatre company Le Phun, where he discovered the delights of 'theatre d'intimite' and welding, along withs project managing large scale outdoor performances. During this time he has continued his solo work and collaborated with Dot Comedy, BOSI (Bureau of Silly Ideas), Red Herring Productions and Compagnie VO. to name but a few.

He is now artistic director of Miraculous Theatre Company specialising in comic 'intimate theatre' and developing new areas of public performance.

Roger Hartley

Roger Hartley started professional life in art and theatre, travelled through film making, photography, band management, radio and finally back to art and theatre but this time outdoors.  In 1997 Roger made a show that toured outdoors based on Don Quixote with life size fire breathing robot horses and radio controlled wheelie bins. Whilst doing this in his spare time he invented and launched Lost Vagueness an un-programmed pop up working Casino and Cabaret with strict dress code that would appear in places not used to dress code it inaugurated at Glastonbury Festival where it had it's own life and death.

He works in the everyday real world looking for ways to make people question their surroundings. It is with the firm beliefs that the best solutions start with a great question and that if an idea is at first not absurd then there is no hope for it he formed Bureau Of Silly Ideas in 2002.

He is also amazing at losing keys but only in the process of thinking us some new fun theatrical intervention  – so it all pans out in the long run.

Specialties: Public realm, silly ideas, improving live, theatre, branding , festivals, pie throwing, robots, fire, fireworks, road works, public speaking, toast.

Paschale Straiton

Paschale is a director and performer, specialising in devised physical theatre. She trained at Circomedia – circus school in Bristol and the MFA in Theatre Directing at Birkbeck College, UCL.  Paschale is artistic director of Red Herring Productions, which creates unusual outdoor performance that is playfully provocative with an aim to reach people who aren’t regular theatre-goers. The current show is Funny Peculiar – A Guide to Eccentric Britain is currently touring, a theatrical guided tour about eccentrics and the nature of eccentricity, produced by Time Wont Wait.

Freelance Direction includes:

La Sybille (Dans La Poche), Teas and Tarts Teatime Entertainment (Karen Cruiks) Charley O’Taney, The Brooklyn Healer (Barney Gibbons); The AirQuarium (Beautiful Creatures); Mr. Honk and His Sad Trombone (The Honk Project); The New Vic Fringe 2011 (New Vic Theatre, Stoke on Trent).

Performance Credits include:

Opening Skinners Box (Improbable Theatre), 101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland (New Vic, Stoke on Trent), The House of Cards (Coney); Sweet Smell of Success (Bureau of Silly Ideas); The Enchanted Palace (Wildworks); Get Lost (Dot Comedy); Invisible Bonfires Rough Magyck (Forkbeard Fantasy), Sturgeon Moon (Desperate Men); The Sunflower Plot (Cartoon de Salvo); The Bitches Ball (Penny Dreadful Theatre Company); Loser (Company FZ).