Charlie O’Taney, The Brooklyn Healer

“Fifteen minute miracles from the boot of a car.”

After unexpectedly receiving the healing gift from a dying chinese man, Charlie O’ Taney was forced to make an abrupt career change; from Mafia Hit-man to Brooklyn Healer.

Step inside Charlie’s faithful automobile, a veritable cabinet of miracles, where the street is transformed into a mobile therapy room, and the audience becomes the center of a refreshingly funny and profound miracle.

Using Pendulum, healing hands and stories, Charlie removes warts, headaches, period pains, money, luck and professional problems, as well as a plethora of psycho-emotional issues. If it’s a back problem you’ll be bent over the bonnet of his car, receiving a shiatsu massage, during which Charlie recounts his life stories.

Personalised treatments are for anywhere between 1 and 4 people at a time. Individual, couples or family treatments welcome.

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The Brooklyn Healer production brochure